The Met’s Latest Exhibit ‘Jewelry: The Body Transformed’ Explores Jewelry As Anthropological Artifacts.

By Maura Brannigan Fashionista. It's about not how jewelry is made, but how it makes us. We at ...
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Why Humans Have Always Used Jewelry?

By Sangeeta Singh-Kurtz QUARTZY. Hanging our necks and ears with baubles and trinkets—no matter what the price tag—can ...
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Jewelry From His Dorm Room to Barneys.

By Lovia Gyarkye New York Times. Jameel Mohammed is the founder of Khiry, a jewelry collection inspired by ...
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  • Designing a Collection part 4
    In the previous three parts of my series on Designing a Jewelry Collection, I’ve talked about what a collection is, design principles, designing for your customer and the difference between being a designer and being and artist. For this final post, I wanted to talk to the designers of jewelry collections themselves. I asked a bunch […]


The 4Cs – The 3rd C is Cut.

The diamond cut is the most important element to consider ...
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The 4Cs – The 2nd C is Clarity.

The clarity of diamonds refers to an assessment of small ...
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The 4Cs – The 1St C is Color.

When buying a diamond, it is preferred to choose a ...
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