Fine Jewelry For Proud Moms.


By Bianca Salonga Forbes.

Fine jewelry is extremely personal. If you were to ask a woman about a necklace around her neck or that ring on her finger she will most likely tell you a story that marks a special moment in her life.

Such is the magic and mystery of jewelry that it goes beyond the functionalities of adornment to become reminders or markers of milestones, promises and sometimes, even a goal we hope to one day attain. Because of the heavy sentimental value attached to jewelry, designing these exquisite pieces can be considered one of the most challenging.

How do you conceive of a bracelet or cuff that many will connect with on a personal level?

How does one determine the kind of gem stones and metals the best resonate with a market able and wiling to spend top dollar for their next purchase?

When fine jewelry designer Tali Gillette developed her eponymous label, she anchored her brand on a universal language the many women strongly associate with: motherhood . She explains the genesis of a fine jewelry line crafted with a mother’s journey in mind.

“Perceptions of motherhood are shifting, both the way mothers are seen and how they see themselves.” It was her son Max who inspired one of her first few pieces for the label—circular pendants and rings with the words “ma,ma,ma” carved. “When Max started calling me ‘ma,ma,ma,’ I felt an instant connection to the countless mothers who had come before me and sensed a strong bond with new mothers everywhere.”

Thus, the birth of the Mama Necklace, which, according to Tali, is a “badge of honor.” She adds that although mothers have different experiences and life journeys, as a collective, they are all mothers.

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