Tag, This Jewelry Is It.

By Brittany Siminitz JCK Las Vegas.

This may be one of my weirder statements, but tags have been playing a noticeable role in my life as of late.

Tags are on everything, it’s just, when do you ever have occasion to notice them? Unless they’re one of the evils that serves to annoy you, in the form of a scratchy piece of fabric on your T-shirt or undergarment—those are the worst.

For all those who have kids, you’ve probably realized that babies are weirdly obsessed with tags, right? Give them a soft, plushy toy and what do they care about? Its tag. My daughter is finding the tag on everything, and making it her business to chew it into a mushy glob.

But we can appreciate a good tag at any age—for those of us old enough to hold a job (or, ya know, walk and form words), they’re just in a different form.

You know where I’m going with this: tag jewelry. The popular dog tags are the most obvious form that instantly comes to mind, but just as tags on clothing and other objects come in different shapes and sizes, so does the jewelry.

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