Sea Glass Jewelry.

Sea glass originates from shipwrecks or natural disasters. It is made from windows, bottles, tableware and even household appliances. The mighty ocean shapes the discarded glass, transforming it into a magnificent piece. Eventually, it will end up on the sandy shores. The turbulent waters of the ocean break the glass into smaller pieces, which are then scraped and buffed by the churning water, wearing away their sharp edges. The continuous contact with the water leaches away chemicals in the glass, giving it a frosted look. Gradually, the finished pieces find their way to a shore where they may someday be collected and turned into beautiful pieces of art. Sea glass is most often used in conjunction with a sterling silver setting. The silver complements the glass, emphasizing its colors and natural beauty. Pieces of sea glass are sometimes mixed with semi-precious stones or shells on a bracelet. Larger pieces of glass can be set as a pendant in a necklace, while smaller pieces might do well as a pair of earrings.

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