Frequently Asked Questions

XValuation is an easy to use website, employing algorithm to calculate jewelry value. It educates and
assists the public in determining the true market value of engagement rings one wants to buy or sell
XValuation helps in determining the true market value of a jewelry item one may own, or wants to sell

Seldom does a jewelry appraisal give a True Market Value. It mostly inflates value for insurance purposes

True Market Value in selling one's jewelry, is the price a professional jeweler will consider paying for an
item being offered for sale by the public. A jeweler pays a low enough price to resale the item for a profit

Conversely, in buying from a jeweler, True Market Value is the price of materials, labor and a fair profit

The "Self-Valuation Of Your Own Jewelry" section deals with any and all types of jewelry one may own

The "Expected Cost Of Creating Your Own" section deals with engagement rings only and no other type of jewelry

Knowing the value of a jewelry item enables a non - professional negotiate a price with a professional jeweler on an equal footing basis. It is free of charge, unbiased, transparent and undoubtedly enlightening
Everyone and anyone can use the website as long as all the right specifications are provided by the user
Engagement Ring Information? click "The Expected Cost Of Creating Your Own" at the home page

Valuating Your Own Item of Jewelry? click "Self Valuation Of Your Own Jewelry" at the home page

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